Why Hire a Day of Coordinator?

In the world of wedding planning, so many brides are opting for a DIY strategy when executing their events, so why would you consider hiring a planner or coordinator to help when it’s perfectly common not to?

1.       We give you confidence and reduce your stress

I’ll be honest here, I’ve worked with some pretty incredible brides who are insanely organized and have thought of nearly everything for their wedding day.  These brides could probably get away with not hiring someone to steer the ship on their wedding day, but being the super organized and detailed brides they are, they’ve opted to hire one just in case.  Why? Because having a key point person in place gives the bride and her husband to be some reassurance that they actually don’t have to worry about their plan being flawlessly executed on the big day.  A planner or coordinator, should, meet with you prior to your event to understand every aspect of your day.  They study your details and plans much deeper on their own time and make sure they know how your day is planned in great detail.  They will take the time to understand your vision just as well, if not better, than you do.  You should feel that the planner you select is doing just that as you meet with them prior to your wedding.  Further, a good planner asks questions, and lots of them! I don’t know about you, but when I’m asking anyone to complete a task and they don’t ask questions, I start to wonder… did they understand what I was saying? Are they going to know how to execute… what if they do it all wrong?  Asking questions helps your planner ensure that they are “getting it,” in every possible way.  Again inspiring you to feel confident in their abilities and reduce that pre-wedding stress and worry.  A seasoned planner’s goal is always to ensure that YOU and your groom have your best day ever!

2.       We rush, scramble and run so you don’t have to

I have yet to be part of a wedding where, at one point or another, I wasn’t rushing around to find somebody, get something in place, or correct something right before it was going to be seen by the masses.  No matter how well you plan your day and distribute your air-tight itinerary, there is bound to be some hiccups in timing.  A good planner not only commits to being constantly on their toes, but they actually enjoy the fast paced, reactive nature that a live event puts them in.  It’s our job to be one step ahead of you.  If you’re late to the reception and dinner gets pushed back we let the caterers know.  If we have to coach your groomsmen’s entrance at the ceremony and then come running back to coach bridesmaids as well, we do that.  When you can’t find dad for the father dance because he’s having a good time, we’re probably already hunting him down.  This is often the most exciting job for a planner, the rush, the overprotecting of your plan and our scramble to make sure your plan is flawlessly executed.

3.       We see problems before they happen.

Some of the most detail oriented brides still forget to consider one detail or another or they simply can’t be there to verify details.  A good planner looks over your plans and your itinerary specifically for problems.  That may sound like a negative thing, but the reality is that simple oversights are where the plans for your day can completely unravel.  Having a planner review your wedding details is one of the most effective ways to make sure your plan is actually realistic.  We take care of all the little things, the last minute review with your musician(s) or sound tech at the ceremony, the testing of sound an audio equipment at your reception venue, the song list review with the DJ and we work hand in hand with your MC to make sure, that as the face of your interactions with guests, they know exactly what’s going on at all times.  A big part of a planner’s job is making sure that dinner does go off without a hitch.  We work as a point person for the catering staff at your venue, we review how dinner service will work with them and will make sure to push them where needed.  Catering can sometimes prove to the biggest challenge at any wedding.  It’s impossible for a bride or groom to be involved in any of these things, but these small items are so important to the success of your day.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again, unfortunately wedding guests have a tendency to remember all the weird, awkward and “bad” things that happen at a wedding.  As an Edmonton wedding planner it's my goal is to make sure there isn’t anything negative for them to remember in the first place.

4.       We fix it when it goes wrong

Most weddings have an "uh-oh" moment, BUT you as a bride or groom shouldn't know it ever occurred.  That is, IF you have hired an Edmonton wedding planner or wedding coordinator for your day.  From fixing broken boutonnieres, sewing an unravelled hem, arranging a last minute liquor run or troubleshooting catering or music glitches, I've got your back.  Its my job to react swiftly and effectively at the first sign that something isn't quite right. As a wedding planner, its my job to establish relationships with all of your Vendors and key members of your wedding party to make sure I have the right contacts when fixing a last minute oops. 

5.       We know people

NOT to brag or anything... (cough, cough), but as an Edmonton Wedding Planner, this is not my first rodeo.  I have established relationships with many vendors and venues within the city.  I often rely on these relationships to get my couple exactly what they want on their wedding day or score a really great deal on something that maybe my couple though was unattainable. And if I don't have a relationship with your selected vendor I get my hustle on and build one - quickly! When something goes astray or someone leaves you hanging, I have go to vendors I can call in for back up to help. 

As an Edmonton Wedding Planner, my goal is to simply execute your day flawlessly.  Whether you choose to use my services for a full wedding package or just for the day of, I can assure you that you have my full attention on your big day. My knowledge, resources, connections and creativity  - they're all yours to rely on as you plan the most magical day of your life. 

Curious as to how I, as an Edmonton wedding planner, can add value to your specific event? Send me an email and lets chat.  I offer free consultations for all those interested in employing my services.